Structural Consultations.

Structural concerns surface when framing members are inadequately designed, beams and/or posts are undersized, and/or when floor joists and/or roof truss members are altered. Structural concerns also surface when shoddy framing construction takes place and cracks and separations develop in areas of inadequate construction. The most noticeable change in the newer building codes is in the methods by which the structural members are attached to each other. The newer building codes require more extensive attachments than in the past.

Structural concerns also surface when additions are made to an original construction without obtaining a construction permit. Additions require special care and they are required to go through the same regulating agency process as new development. Shortcomings in the framing systems such as lack of adequate shear walls, inadequate doweling of floor slabs to each other, sagging roof framing, buckling walls, leaning structures can occur when non-conforming developments are constructed.

Private Eyes Engineers perform thorough structural inspections, calculations, and analyses to assess the framing system and will provide retrofit design to bring the structure back to its integrity. The structural inspections include a site assessment to identify and measure structural components of the building in the affected areas such as:

  • Roof framing,
  • Wall framing,
  • Floor framing,
  • Balcony framing, and/or
  • Any combination of the above.

The retrofit plan may include:

  • Improved framing system,
  • Improved connections
  • New shear bracing systems, and/or
  • New building foundation anchorage.

We will provide adequate structural design details and specifications to facilitate obtaining a construction permit and the subsequent repair process.