PEE Project - Soil Erosion and Slope Control.

PEE was retained on this project to examine a failed slope. We have extensive experience in the assessment and mitigation of slope failures; but Private Eyes Engineers does pride itself on the ability to maintain slopes and thereby prevent the occurrence of failures.

Upon the completion of PEE's expert assessment, the client was advised that the resolution would require the expertise of three engineering disciplines:

  • a soils engineer,

  • a structural engineer, and

  • a civil engineer.

The soil and slope had to be sampled and tested by the soils engineeer for stability. The design of the soil erosion control plan and the grading plan with drainage improvements was completed by a civil engineer and the structural engineer designed the slope geogrids.

Though the client was unaware of the complexity of the soil erosion and slope failure, PEE streamlined and coordinated tasks between the three engineering disciplines. As a result, the problem was resolved in much less time and the client saved up to 30% since Private Eyes Engineers was able to package total project design costs.