Online Now! - The Private Eyes Engineers Blog.

We have created a blog to keep in touch. As a presenter for CREIA and other organizations and having worked in the field for decades, we at Private Eyes Engineers recognize and appreciate the importance of networking and communicating with you to stay abreast of important issues. Also, downloads of various informative documents and/or presentations will be made available when you register with us.

We'd love to address topics relevant to you all at some point. Please email us to share topics concerning your biggest challenges. If the topic is a challenge for you it is probably a challenge for many others in the field as well. Tell us about it, how you've handled it thus far, and your results. And we want to hear about your successes too!

The blog is online now! Share your challenges and successes with us and check often with us to see if we are addressing them ... if not this time, maybe the next! I will be authoring an article on a special topic of my choice periodically and it could be the topic you submitted. Your responses are important; we welcome you to post your thoughts on the blog and to encourage others to post their responces. We look forward to hearing from you!