Soil Evaluation

Our clients always ask if soil sampling and/or soil testing is appropriate when in due diligence period. Soil sampling and/or testing normally takes about 3-4 weeks of time from authorization to when report is submitted. Additionally, the fee for this service is normally in the $1,000s, depending on the depth and number of exploratory borings and also depending on the nature (purpose) of sampling.

We normally start our assessment with a visual observation that includes a review of soil maps that are readily available. We also take precise measurements during a site observation visit to identify if a measurable amount of movement has occurred. This is normally referred to “site reconnaissance” that can be turned around in days and is more affordable. It provides us with basic data to assess the subsurface conditions without soil sampling and without soil testing.

We can also perform research to locate and review the original soil reports and/or the original grading plans from the City Hall’s records department. A wealth of information is already available that can be reviewed and critiqued, if necessary.