Mr. Massood Gaskari, P.E.Welcome! I am Massood Gaskari, President of Private Eyes Engineers (PEE) and the Civil Engineering Design Group (CDG). Welcome to our blog.

We invite and encourage you to return to participate and network with other professionals and prospective clients. In short, the blog is intended to be informative and effective for us all. We think the best way to do that to start is to ask for your help!

I plan to write articles on relevant issues in the industry on this page. We will also have articles on Special Topics, upcoming Events, and offer FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions. Having begun PEE in 1986 and CDG in 2005, I have more than 25 years in the industry. Some of you have attended my presentations at CREIA chapters around greater San Diego, Orange County, and the Las Vegas Inspection Conference or other events. There are many topics on which I want to share my opinion and get your take. I encourage you to let me know where you’d like to start first:

  • What relevant issue would you like to see my first article address?
  • What questions are always omitted that you’d like to see in the FAQ’s?
  • What Special Topic (or problem) would you like to explore?

We look forward to hearing from and responding to you!