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- CREIA Conference
Mr. Massood Gaskari presents "Structural Framing" at the CREIA Spring Conference - May 5, 2013 .

- Vegas Seminar

Over 300 home inspectors attended in 2011. Mr. Massood Gaskari will address " Foundation & Geo Tech Issues with Mr. Abe Simantob.

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Private Eyes Engineers Projects

Notable PEE Projects Demonstrate Diligence, Expertise To Find Practical Solutions For Mitigation And Restoration

Welcome to the Private Eyes Engineers blog!

Welcome! I am Massood Gaskari, President of Private Eyes Engineers (PEE) and the Civil Engineering Design Group (CDG). Welcome to our blog. We invite and encourage you to return to participate and network with other professionals and prospective clients. In short, the blog is intended to be informative and effective for us all. We think […]

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Soil Evaluation

Our clients always ask if soil sampling and/or soil testing is appropriate when in due diligence period. Soil sampling and/or testing normally takes about 3-4 weeks of time from authorization to when report is submitted. Additionally, the fee for this service is normally in the $1,000s, depending on the depth and number of exploratory borings […]

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Foundation Cracks

When is a crack wide enough for concern? It is not so much the width of a crack that describes the severity of foundation movement as is the floor level variation. I have seen many buildings that have crack free foundations, but are tilted by several inches. This can occur when the floor slabs and […]

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Water Intrusion

Water intrusion through subsurface soil isĀ  a common issue with residential buildings, particularly those that are constructed below the grade level. Practicing common sense during original construction normally alleviates this issue. We exercise common sense during our assessments to identify if potential for moisture intrusion exists. Relationship between exterior grades and interior floors are normally […]

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